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What's in our WHEELhouse

Aodhan wheels

michael constantin

We are an authorized Aodhan wheels dealer. We offer shipping on everything we sell. Contact us today for any fitment questions or concerns you may have.


Wheels, Tires, Lifting, Lowering and air ride. We do it all.

michael constantin

At WHEELhouse we do it all. Check out our social media for pictures of previous customers cars (and these are only the ones done in house. There are plenty more that we’ve shipped product to).

Looking to lift your truck? We offer level kits and suspension lift kits. We can fit your wheels and tires perfectly to whatever height you choose.

Looking to lower your car? We offer coil springs, adjustable coilovers, air ride and even hydraulics. Again, we can fit your wheels and tires perfectly for whatever stance you’re looking for.

This isn’t only our business, it’s our passion and it shows through the quality of our work and our unwavering dedication to our customers. Please send us an email with any questions you may have.

Learning as we go.

michael constantin

Welcome to our new website. We wanted to build and control all of our own inventory and content so we built and maintain this site ourselves. As a user, if you see something that you feel would work better, please feel free to email us any suggestions you may have.